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Convicted ‘stormers’ deserve prison for rebellion, says court
July 21, 2018, 8:19 am

The Court of Cassation declared the 16 convicted former and current lawmakers who stormed the National Assembly premises deserve the jail term more than anyone else considering they went too far in committing the crime and incited others to commit rebellion, disobedience and unauthorized public gathering.

Detailing the judgment, the court pointed out that the stormers resisted, attacked and caused injury to the police, National Assembly security guards, and other government employees, in addition to forceful entry to the premises and vandalizing public property.

It affirmed the claim of innocence by the convicts to make the allegations appear as trump up charges and a political issue is only a weak defense to justify their action.

It declared the court refrained from pronouncing penalties against the 30 defendants because it believed they would not repeat the crimebased on situation on the ground and conditions of the accused persons.

Source: Arab Times

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