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Consulate closely following up case of 3 Kuwaiti females
June 20, 2015, 10:15 am

Kuwait’s General Consulate in Istanbul said late Wednesday that it is following closely the case of three Kuwaiti females arrested, including a nonresident daughter of one of the detainees. In response to a query by KUNA, the Consulate said in a statement that it is closely following the case since the beginning.

The statement noted that the Consulate is exerting all efforts with Turkish authorities, which resulted in securing the release of two Kuwaiti female nationals and one daughter, adding that they are on their way back to the country.

The statement said one Kuwaiti citizen remains there and the Consulate is making efforts in cooperation with local authorities to ensure her release and return home as soon as possible. The Consulate asserted commitment to serve Kuwaiti citizens, protect their interests and ensure their safety through guidelines issued by the foreign ministry, as well as calling on Kuwaiti citizens to abide by Turkish laws during their travel.


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