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Congrats to Modi but Congress will soon regain its lost glory‒ Subhash Chowdhary
June 9, 2014, 11:42 am

Extending his personal congratulation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his stupendous victory, senior Congress leader and Chairman of Non Align Student and Youth Movement Subhash Chowdhary has cautioned it is too early to write the obituary of the Congress as the party will regain its lost ground sooner rather later.

“Congress has a history to bounce back in reckoning. We did it in 1977 then in 1989 and again in 2004 and we will do it again. Numerically, we may be very minimal this time  when the odds are against because of the performance of the UPA government or perceived incompetence, number of seats won or loss do not matter,” Subhash said.

Subhash Chowdhary words matter a lot as he was in the inner coterie of Indira Gandhi when she lost power in 1977. As a student leader then, he worked closely with her in her attempt to regain power which she did achieve in just 28 months. Mrs. Gandhi later rewarded Subhash by anointing him as the President of the National Student Union of India.

Franks and fearless Subhash Chowdhary now in his 50’s painted the political landscape and said that the Congress has to learn from its past mistakes, reinvent itself and connect with the people. “The party has to take drastic measures, infuse new energy and bring in new faces and those who have been marginalized.”

Blaming non political actors for jettisoning Rahul Gandhi take off in the recent elections, the former youth leader said that now there is the need for Rahul to undertake the same exercise that he did in vain earlier to establish direct contact with the common man on the streets, in villages and in the shops. “This can be done only when his team only includes political thinkers and not the non political and incompetent actors as of now.”

Subhash also suggested that Rahul must revert to the consensual politics and not by intra party elections which he introduced. The election in Youth Congress has virtually demolished the then once powerful edifice of the party.

On reviving the party moribund machinery, Subhash Chowdhary said that all party office bearers in the Congress headquarters must now go back to their respective states and rebuild the party structures. “New faces must find place in the Congress decision making bodies whose ideas and vision can pave the path for the growth of the party at these trying times,” Subhash added.

Subhash Chowdhary was also critical of the way the Rajya Sabha nomination was given by the party. “No! We cannot nominate same set of people time and again. We need to bring new faces that bring with them new energy and new vision statement”

Coming back to the new government, Subhash said there is undoubtedly euphoria in the country with the emergence of the BJP as main power center in the country led by Narendra Modi under the guidance of the RSS. “But it is also a challenge to the democratic fiber of the country which is yet to unveil itself,” Subhash said.

Here,  he pointed out  that the Congress has its historic role to play in safeguarding the national policy from drifting away from the principle of justice to all regardless of caste, creed or religion, protecting the interest of the poorest of the poor and preserving the ethos of the country as a citadel of religious tolerance.

Complimenting Prime Minister Modi for his bold step to invite all SAARC leaders for his swearing in, Subhash Chowdhary said that the new government has to follow the time tested foreign policy evolved by India first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru which remains our backbone.

“Like Nehru, the new government has to proactively play its role in the Middle East countries like Syria and strengthen relation with the Arab world and other west Asian countries which are our extended neighbourhood and had always stood by us,” Subhash said, “I am sure Prime Minister Modi would remain firm and adhere to the policy of non alignment which was and still remains relevant.”


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