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Computer Literacy Program for women in shelter, launched
April 9, 2017, 5:09 pm

The Filipino Association of Secretaries of Recruitment Agencies (FILASEAK) in Kuwait in collaboration with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) launched its Computer Literacy Program aimed at providing computer education to the Filipina women housed in the resource center or shelter.

The twice per week program aims to help the women enrich and enhance their skills while awaiting repatriation to Philippines, and is currently held at the premises of the Philippines Labor Department in Kuwait. Jones Garcia, President of FILASEAK told The Times that instead of women in the shelter wasting time, their involvement in such activities could not only contribute to their education but enable them to use such knowledge competitively in a world of information technology.

“These women’s interest and enthusiasm are inspirational for us, their desire to learn and hopefully use the knowledge for their own advantage such as establishing micro businesses in the Philippines or basic trading when they return will be useful,” stated Mr. Garcia. Wards were grateful to FILASEAK and POLO for launching this program and making it accessible and free for them while waiting their repatriation. “It was a good start, but in case I get sent home early, I will continue my education in the Philippines,” commented Annie, a Filipina ward. Other classes are currently available for the women in the shelter. 

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