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Complete Stop to Commercial Visit Visas to Work Permits Eyed
November 9, 2014, 8:59 am

The Public Authority for Manpower will open the door for the recruitment of laborers from abroad to work in certain sectors in early 2015, says Director General of the authority Jamal Al-Dosari. Al-Dosari explained the recruitment will be for all sectors which are currently suspended but it will be done according to the yet-to-be specified percentages without any discrimination among employers, reports Arab Times. 

He said this step will be carried out in based on the results of a study which will be finalized soon to specify the percentages and actual number of manpower required by each sector.He said a committee headed by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs and Chairperson of the authority Hend Al-Subaih has formed six teams to study the population structure and actual manpower need of the labor market in a bid to give citizens a chance to work in the private sector.  He added they are still waiting for the results of the committee meetings.

On the new regulations, he disclosed the authority is conducting a study on the actual manpower need of the labor market as per the statistics on the movement in the market by analyzing methods used in the past five years.  He explained this will identify the actual number of personnel who entered the labor market through commercial visit visas, transfer of domestic personnel, the exempted sectors and those from the fishing, grazing and agricultural sectors.  He said this is in addition to the number of laborers who left the country for good and those who died.

He went on to say that the authority has agreed with the Interior Ministry not to allow the transfer of domestic personnel to the private sector after the period allotted for this purpose.  He also confirmed a plan to completely stop the transfer of commercial visit visas to work permits.

He added the laborers under government contracts are not allowed to transfer to another employer, but they are allowed to transfer to the same employer if the latter has another governmental project; otherwise, the laborer must leave the country because he will not be allowed to transfer his residence to the private sector.

He asserted that after taking such procedures, it has become necessary to open the door for recruitment from abroad without discrimination among employers but it will be done in accordance with the percentages which will be identified before starting the recruitment process next year.

On the role of the authority regarding the rising number of laborers in private residential areas, Al-Dosari revealed the Cabinet issued a decision to relocate the accommodations for bachelors.  He said a committee headed by Kuwait Municipality has been tasked to provide locations for laborers’ accommodations.

He added a committee consisting of representatives from the Interior Ministry, Municipality, Ministry of Commerce and the authority is in charge of relocating accommodations for bachelors from private residential areas to the specified locations, removal of unlicensed groceries from houses and shops for domestic cooking.  He explained the role of the authority is limited to the laborers who violate the law.

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