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Complaints panel discusses real estate scams
October 25, 2018, 8:37 am
Minister should be held responsible: MP Al-Azmi

The parliamentary Complaints and Petitions Committee discussed in its recent meeting the real estate scams to which 20,000 citizens have fallen victim since 2007.

Representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and a few citizens who filed a complaint in this regard attended the meeting. Committee Chairman MP Hamdan Al-Azmi said the minister should be held responsible for not paying attention to this issue when it was first brought up.

He added the issue has become complicated due to the interference of Kuwait Municipality and the judiciary. He pointed out that the citizens purchased real estate properties in official and licensed exhibitions, some of which were inaugurated by officials from the ministry.

He wondered how an official event became an outlet for scams and fraudulent financial ventures. The committee so far received 200 complaints on this issue, while the ministry received approximately 500 complaints but the estimated number of Kuwaiti victims is 20,000.

The MP promised that his committee, in cooperation with other MPs, will investigate the issue and find a solution as soon as possible by using parliamentary tools. On the other hand, considering the government’s recent announcement on reinstating the Kuwaiti citizenship of some individuals suspected of threatening national security in the past; Al-Azmi demanded that the decision should be applied on everyone concerned, not just a selected few.

He believes this step is an acknowledgement of a grave mistake the government has committed. He said it is now time to fold the page on this issue and reinstate the citizenship of everyone concerned, or else, the issue will continue to create tension between the government and Parliament. “It will be an article in every interpellation and a reason for MPs to resort to offensive maneuvers,” he warned.

From an opposing standpoint, MP Ahmed Al-Fadel was surprised by the Cabinet’s decision to reinstate the nationality of these individuals. He was quick to clarify though that he understands the course of action, while calling on those who got their nationality back to appreciate the kindness of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

The MP noted that it was a political maneuver to ease the growing tension and hostility within the Parliament, which he believes is being supported by parties outside the country. Asserting there is no longer any reason for hostility within the Parliament and if certain MPs continue to go down this road, it is clear that they are not keen on protecting the welfare of the country as they only look after their own agenda.

Source: Arab Times

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