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Companies with ghost workers to be penalized
July 24, 2018, 8:11 am

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has warned against the registration of national manpower under the files of companies even if they are not working in these companies, reports Al-Anba daily.

The authority affirmed all those engaged in such acts will be held legally liable, indicating the penalties stated in the Labor Law will be imposed such as putting files of erring companies under a certain code, permanent closure of such files, referral of erring companies to the judiciary, and obliging the concerned workers to return the amount they received.

This warning is part of efforts to tighten control on granting work permits to workers in the oil and private sectors, especially with regard to the recruitment and registration of Kuwaiti and other GCC workers in a bid to protect their rights, stop manipulation of the employment percentage, benefit from the experiences of youths and support the development of their abilities.

Meanwhile, head of the Workers Union at the Ministry of Finance Nasser Al-Rasheedi has affirmed that the union is keen on addressing the injustice suffered by some employees; particularly in relation to decision number 296/2012 which prevents Bachelor’s degree holders from transferring between the general and financial departments, reports Annahar daily.

In his interview with the daily, Al-Rasheedi disclosed the union has about 1,300 members out of the 3,500 employees in the ministry. He stressed the union continues in its endeavor to ensure equality among all the staff.

He pointed out the Civil Service Commission (CSC) plays a significant role in the issuance of decisions in favor of the public. However, it does not consult union bodies when taking certain decisions and this has negatively affected the Kuwaiti public, specifically the workers, he added.

Source: Arab Times

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