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Communication revolution has impacted mindsets and attitudes, minister says
April 24, 2017, 1:27 pm

The revolution in information and communication technology has radically changed tools and methods in interactions, but its impact has been greater on people’s mindsets and behaviours, Kuwait’s acting information minister has said. “We have to recognise that what happened was a surprise for everyone, both those who are openly extrovert and those who are clearly introvert,” Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al Mubarak said at the opening of the Arab Media Forum on Sunday evening in Kuwait.

“The communication revolution has blurred the lines that distinguished official and private media. The new media has eliminated borders between countries. The next generations will greatly benefit from the changes and we must make sure we can provide them, based on our long experiences of successes and failures, with enough support to help them reach advanced levels in education and knowledge.”

The opening of the two-day forum, held under the theme of 'Media is Life', was attended by Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad, and several ministers.

Bahrain’s Information Minister Ali Al Romaihi said the forum was an outstanding opportunity for Arab media figures to review the situation of the media in the Arab world, discuss issues and look for answers.

“There are deep changes and immense challenges that the Arab media have to address,” he said. “The most sensible approach is how to use such challenges to become stronger and move forward instead of being their victim. We must focus on building up and advancing.”

The forum held annually in the northern Arabian Gulf state was established in 2003 to help improve the standards and practices of the Arab media and build the capacities of Arab journalists.

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