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Commitment brings brain, heart and ethics together: NSH Vice President Sabu
August 7, 2016, 11:45 am

Vice President Sabu gave a speech to the employees gathered as a part of the occasion of MAB’s successful completion of steel structural erection in the month of July. In it, he said, "The level the employees’ happiness is the level of a company’s move towards better performance. Employee engagement leads to a dedicated workplace approach resulting in the right condition for all the members of the organization to give their best each day. NSH is not an exemption. Proactive spirit, coupled with fuller involvement and facing challenges bring the success. The commitment brings brain, heart and ethics together in a good mix."

"It is the good sign of how this deeply etching team offers more of their capability and potential, thus landing such recognition," applauded GM Harikumar.

Project Manager Abdul Rahman, while congratulating his dynamic team said the MAB team energised on the functions and focused on the goals that lead to the timely completion of work.

The evening was filled with enthusiasm among the MAB team gathered to celebrate their success. The inputs given by the VP and GM was useful to those dedicated workers. A moral story, 'Be satisfied with what you have' by the finance manager Manoj was very encouraging. There were interesting games conducted by Masy and KR Mohan. The songs by Abdul Rahman, Maximo, Sanjeev Narayan, KR Mohan, and the naadan paattu (cultural songs of Kerala) made the hall cheerful. Albabu, VG Nair, Chatterjee were among those present.

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