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Color trends for everyone
November 10, 2013, 11:42 am

Break out of your beige-colored comfort zone and try one of these hot new color trends; tangerine orange, electric blue, bright green — all gorgeous colors that have a stunning appearance on everyone.

Tangerine orange lips: Move over black, there's a new color in town, tangerine orange. The vibrant reddish orange is both exotic and friendly. And the best part is that the sunset hue is flattering on all skin tones. Fair skin tones can choose a bright orange-red lipstick, while medium skin tone people can opt for a more burnt orange color. For darker skin tones, look for a blue-based orange.  Since a matte lip can be a bit tricky, start with a gloss and work your way up to a lipstick.

Orange eye-shadow: Wearing orange-based hues on your lids can make blue eyes pop and accentuate brown eyes as well. Creamsicle shades of orange look great on fair skin, while more pink mixed in with the orange goes for medium skin tones. A bright tangerine will stand out against darker skin. But focus on layering; start with a sheer application and add that bright pop of color onto the lid or into the crease and finish with a sweep of bronzer on your face for a sun-kissed glow. To make sure the shadow is the focal point of your makeup, keep the rest of the face neutral with a coral-hued blush and a creamy nude lipstick.

Purple lips: The paler you are, the more you will want to lean toward a wine-purple, merlot color. Going sheer is a great way to wear the hue without letting it overpower your skin. A pale purple that's almost lavender will suit medium skin tones. The deeper the skin, the more blue-based the purple should be, so that your skin doesn't look ashy. Make sure you thoroughly cover any under-eye circles and blemishes when wearing a purple lip. Anything purple will make the red in your skin stand out.

Green eye-shadow: It is a gorgeous color that looks great on any skin tone. A bright shade of green can look cartoonish on a lot of women. The key to make the hue wearable is to mix the green with some gold eye-shadow. Do a true bright shade of green, which appears fantastic on pale skin. Then, wear a lot of black mascara, and keep the rest of the face bare.  A muted shade of green with gold flecks is more flattering for warm undertones.  Olive green colors are gorgeous against dark skin, and apply a heavy black liner to help define your eyes.  Green is such an overpowering color, so it is best to keep the rest of your face nude. You could do a sheer gold lip gloss, which would be nice and kind of punchy.

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