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Colonel, 5 expats stay in jail over alleged embezzlement
September 6, 2017, 9:51 am

The Detention Renewal Judge extended the detention of a colonel and five expatriates accused of embezzling funds belonging to the Police Cooperative Society which is affiliated to the Ministry of Interior. In Tuesday’s session, the defendants were arraigned before the judge but they denied all the charges against them.

Earlier, investigations into the case revealed that a senior police officer and the rest of the defendants had devised a plan to embezzle funds for a period which continued for a year and a half. Six accountants of the cooperative society admitted that the senior police officer was responsible for the plot to siphon money from the cooperative society and then transfer it directly to his personal bank account, and that he used to compensate huge financial discrepancies with fake invoices bearing real numbers from some companies which were in charge of supplying items to the cooperative.

The investigation also revealed that the total amount of embezzled funds exceeded half a million Kuwaiti dinars, and this amount is just part of the total money embezzled which exceeds a million Kuwaiti dinars according to the transaction fl ow of money made in different timings, some of which reached up to KD 60,000.

Source: Al-Seyassah


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