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Collaborative work with ACAS
March 23, 2017, 5:01 pm

Nursery is a wonderful place for children that radiates a very warm, homely, cheerful and educational atmosphere for the tiny tots. It was an honour to have the students and teachers of ACAS in ICSK Junior for a collaborative activity program. The objectives of the program were,

  • Get exposed to another culture
  • Promote understanding and respect towards other culture
  • Value our cultural diversity

The little ones of LKG-D experienced a fun filled day enriched with the knowledge of cultures about their motherland India and foreign land Kuwait. The program began with a welcome address, which was delivered by Shyamala Raghupathy from Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Junior followed by the introduction of students from ACAS and ICSK Junior. The students were paired up for all the activities and games.

The little ones sang their respective national anthems. Students of ICSK Junior proudly presented an Indian traditional dance and were dressed up in their ethnic wear. The song and dance added to the vibrancy of the program.

ACAS student and teachers enjoyed an Indian traditional game “ MOKSHA PATAM” (snake and ladder) conducted by the tiny tots of ICSK Junior with the help of teachers Shyamala Raghupathy and Gazala Anwar.

A delightful activity called threading the beads was conducted by the ACAS students, which help in improving the motor skills of the young ones. The children enjoyed a story from Panchatantra tales (The honest wood cutter) was also narrated in the class. 

Towards the end of the program students were treated to some mouthwatering Indian and Arabic sweets. The day was memorable one for both ACAS and ICSK members.


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