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Cmte discusses priorities of GCC e-service
March 6, 2017, 8:51 am
The meeting of the Executive Committee of E-Government in the GCC in Doha.

The priorities of the common e-services to be applied in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states were the focus of a meeting of the Executive Committee of E-Government in the GCC in Doha Sunday.

These included airport e-gates, streamlining corporate founding and services of GCC citizens' companions. The meeting was attended by Acting Director of the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) Qusai Ibrahim Al-Shatti.

The two-day discussions addressed the priorities that form an initial list of the GCC e-gate developed to function as the official channel for the unified services that comprise tremendous data and links of government sites in the bloc.

Participants from the six member states also discussed the progress achieved so far on the level of the e-government initiatives in light of the relevant strategy of the bloc.

Kuwait submitted a work paper on establishing databases and lists for service providers and company owners in the GCC, so that the member states can get acquainted with their capabilities and human resources.

Meanwhile, the UAE reviewed another work paper on a platform for e-training. The platform that offers training to more than 40 countries worldwide, comprises 45 programs that could be available for the GCC countries through a common e-gate.

Saudi Arabia put forward a paper on the governance and legislations of e-learning through a unified platform in the Kingdom that includes all universities, combining traditional and e-training.
Bahrain offered the meeting a paper on the information technology (IT) industry, reviewing successful examples of advanced countries. In addition, Qatar reviewed a paper on a unified framework to deliver IT to people with special needs and old people.

Source: KUNA

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