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Clothing advice
June 30, 2014, 11:14 am

The month of Ramadan is a time for introspection and taking the mind away from worldly distractions to focus on spirituality and thoughtful conduct towards others. For Ramadan, women have an obligation to dress appropriately, and it is not that difficult to do so, they do not have to go out of their way to buy new clothes. Dressing right does not mean that Muslim women have to wear an Abaya or change their wardrobe. Women can easily mix and match or layer garments from their existing wardrobe to ensure that they are modestly dressed.

Here are some tips on how to dress respectfully this month.

Right balance

The most appropriate clothing this Ramadan are garments that are long and loose enough and with full sleeves and high necklines. You can combine several various garments from your existing wardrobe to create a look that is fashionable yet modest, finding the right balance between being stylish and modesty. There are many brands releasing modern Ramadan wear for Muslim and non-Muslim women around the world. And for men? Nothing beats a nice, clean light dishdasha. But rather than buy ready-to-wear, men should get one custom-made at a tailor, or buy a short-sleeved version in polyester and cotton, which are available at stores in most malls.


Knowing the discomfort of layering during the summer, Muslim men and women should choose garments that are designed to avoid the need for layers for the purpose of covering up. Keep in mind your day to day activities, your lifestyle needs as a modern working women, busy mom or fashion conscious student to help decide on outfits that are stylish, comfortable, and practical.

Some suggestions for comfortable dressing during Ramadan are tunics with long flowing sleeves, sherwanis, short and knee length dresses and tops in butterfly and animal prints. These are coordinated with jeans, skirts and leggings for a vibrant, feminine look. The idea is to wear attire that is comfortable and offers adequately coverage, so avoid any revealing clothes. But if you do want to wear short dresses and skirts, couple them with smart, coloured leggings to create a look that is very much in vogue now. And if you like to wear bodyhugging T-shirts with jeans, layer them with a loose top for a smart, modest look. Do wear a cotton jersey shrug or denim jacket over your sleeveless tops and dresses. Or you also have the option of pairing your dresses with jeans, pants or even capris as these are trendy and popular looks. Also, invest in a pair of loose linen trousers, they are the most comfortable.

If you have low waist jeans and trousers, you can cover your hips with tunics, thigh high blouses and long shirts. This year is also all about capes and cape dresses that are very flattering provided you pay attention to fit and style.

The best advice for Ramadan during the hot months is to invest in a basic Abaya. It is an elegant and handy over garment to be used over any ensemble. 


Women can also experiment with new ways to cover their head using scarves and shaylas tied in different styles as well as her own innovative version of hats to appear  very chic and elegant. Also in fashion are trendy crochet shrugs or chunky necklaces to cover up low necklines and bangles and chunky bracelets to cover bare arms. Layering is best for the hot months, but always makes the main focus on cotton and sheer attire.Rather than wearing many layers of clothing or accessories, this is the best time to take out the kaftans, ponchos, full sleeve kurtas, oversize tops and loose linen pants in your wardrobe. You can accessorize the tops with various pretty belts in a number of trendy shapes.  Don’t forget to wear your smile and confidence.

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