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Climate Day conference highlights Kuwait’s role in combatting climate change
November 28, 2015, 4:33 pm

The French Embassy in Kuwait and the French Institute in collaboration with the Kuwait University College of Social Science’s Euro-Gulf Research Unit organized a conference titled ‘Climate Day’ on 23 November at Kuwait University’s main campus in Shuwaikh.  The event was a prelude to the upcoming United Nation Climate Change Conference in France.   The Ambassador of France to Kuwait H.E. Christian Nakhle graced the occasion that served as a platform for learning and knowledge sharing for an auditorium filled with Kuwait University students, teachers and special guests. France has been conducting various such events in different countries in preparation for the biggest climate change summit scheduled to take place from 30 November to 11 December.

In his introductory speech, Dr. Salem Alhajraf, Executive Director Energy & Building Research Center at the Kuwait Institute and Scientific Research (KISR), gave a highly informative presentation. Researchers and representatives from various organizations in Kuwait gave speeches on topics under the headline of climate change. Kuwait’s various development programs that ensure the country meets its sustainable and environmental goals in the program were also highlighted during the conference by officials and representatives from NGOs in the country.

Dr. Malak Al -Rashed, Head of Euro-Gulf Studies Research Unit at the College of Social Sciences, one of the organizers of the conference, spoke to The Times Kuwait, highlighting the main aims of the conference.  She said, “At this conference, we are talking about several aspects of climate change and how we can find renewable energy.  And in this regard, we have gathered experts from France to discuss the issues.”

Pointing out that the Ambassador of France has praised Kuwait and the Government for its handling of the environmental problems, she added that KISR has been spearheading many different projects on renewable energy. Moreover, she expected these projects will assist Kuwait in many ways and be fruitful in the coming years.

Lauding Kuwait’s efforts in combating climate change, she said, “It is nice to note that Kuwait is finally taking care of its environment and finding solutions for climate change. At the conference, we are communicating the work that is being done on waste control, pollution management and renewable energy.

Kuwait is participating in the upcoming conference in Paris and we are keen to show the different projects we are involved in and what we are doing as part of our share for saving the planet. We have heavily invested our efforts in helping to making our country greener and healthier. Kuwait has been following the recommendations shared internationally with regards to environmental protection and pollution reduction. Moreover, Kuwait has also been following all the agreements they have signed on environment protection and climate change.”

The highlight of the conference was an in-depth project by Dr. Eric Guilyardi, climate scientist at Jussieu University, who spoke on the topic, ‘Man-made climate change: how can we avoid the worst impacts?’. He discussed the effects of climate change on the environment with various examples and gave an extensive explanation on the many studies done on the subject.

Dr. Dima Al Khatib, Deputy Resident Representative, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Kuwait, touched on the activities of her agency and underlined the interaction between the UN’s sustainable development goals and climate change.

Representatives from both Kuwait Society for Protection of Animals and their Habitat (K'S PATH) and Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS), recognized names for animal protection and environment conservation in Kuwait, presented their organization’s various enterprises and its benefits to Kuwait.

The conference ended on a high note with interaction between students and climate specialists during which various views were discussed and ideas shared.

- Staff Report

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