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Cleaning staff protest late salaries – Company violates rules
September 19, 2017, 8:27 am
Scores of cleaning workers from a company that manages cleaning activities at buildings and edifices of the Municipal branches in various governorates gathered in front of the main Kuwait Municipality building to protest against late salary payment.

The laborers threatened to embark on a strike if their demand for salary payment and transfer of residencies are not met immediately. The company representative (mandoub) managed to convince the laborers to disperse after giving them surety that their salaries will be paid soon.

A Kuwait Municipality source said the company has not paid the salaries of its cleaning workers ever since Kuwait Municipality awarded the contract, so management of the company must be questioned. He pointed out that Kuwait Municipality signed new contracts so as to put an end to violations of the previous cleaning company.

According to the new contract signed with Kuwait Municipality, the company in question must register 1,600 laborers under its sponsorship, the source explained. However, the company has violated both terms of the contract and declined to provide the required number of laborers, while a large number of the workers are not under its sponsorship

Source: Arab Times

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