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City Centre unveils exciting new website design and offers
November 16, 2014, 1:25 pm

City Centre, the country’s most reliable destinations for affordable shopping, has revamped its website to provide a fresher and more interactive experience for its shoppers.

The Hypermarket’s website underwent an extensive upgrade to its structure, as well as its design and layout to deliver a coherent and consistent digital brand experience across the online platform. In addition, the new website vividly conveys the Hypermarket’s distinctive image and effortless service. From a visitor perspective, the value added features, such as seasonal promotion, keyword search, promotional panels and animated imagery maintain the standard of service which is sure to meet customer expectations.

Visitors can use the website's improved navigation and search functions to view its retail offerings and promotions through its online space. The brand new website also features a sleek, responsive layout, and ensures vital information like the latest amazing offers is easily accessible to all users. Styled to look simple and efficient, the site perfectly complements the City Centre brand.

With the winter season closing in, the ‘Cool Offers’ promotion from City Centre, launched on 2 November and running to 18 November, is sure to keep shoppers satisfied. Products under the promotion are available at a significant discount, allowing shoppers to get their hands on great bargains for winter. Moreover, two new high-end smartphones added to the electronics inventoryoffer a hard-to-beat deal. The specifications of the new phones can be viewed on the site.

City Centre has distinguished itself as one of the leading shopping retailers, presenting the best selection products in the category of food, housewares, electronics, beauty care, toys, garments and accessories.

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