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City Centre opens new outlet in Bneid Al-Gar
December 26, 2016, 10:26 am

A brand new City Centre outlet officially opened its doors in a ribbon cutting ceremony which was attended by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh alongside City Centre management and representatives of the area on Wednesday Evening.

Located at Bneid Al-Gar where the old cooperative once stood, the event also highlighted the very first collaboration between the public and private sectors in the development of cooperatives around Kuwait, as the new City Centre is likewise the Bneid Al-Gar cooperative.

Speaking to the media after a tour around the store, Minister of labour and social affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh stated that this kind of cooperation between the public sector and its private counterpart is what we have been working towards for a while now, and today we have witnessed its fruitful results.

She added that the investor has taken the needs of the people living in the area into consideration and implemented them in this new outlet, which is evident in the diversity of available products and services.

The minister also explained that the transformation of Bneid Al-Gar cooperative to City Centre and its hand-over of management does not abolish the cooperative system, for shareholders are still accounted for and earnings registered. Asserting that this is not considered a privatization, it is an investment endeavour headed by City Centre, and that not all cooperatives will go through this change for a lot of them are very successful and are not in need of outside investments, only those that are witnessing difficulties are susceptible.

From his side, Executive Director of the City Centre Group Jasem Yagoub Al-Ghanim said that prioritizing the needs of the Kuwaiti public and providing it for them with the best of prices has always been their main pillar since the beginning, extending his appreciation to the ministry of labour and social affairs for giving them their trust in restoring the Bneid Al-Gar and Dasma cooperative, making them the first privately owned body to venture into this collaboration.

On the other hand, Regional Development Manager Naser Adel Al-Ghanim affirmed that the new City Centre Bneid Al-Gar can be considered an escalation in terms of grocery shopping and services, for the whole of the building has been renewed to the highest of standards. Adding that the development plan was not limited to the store’s outlook but staff training, service upgrade and market studies were also implemented to insure the best experience for costumers.

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