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Christmas celebrated with enthusiasm at churches
December 25, 2017, 9:23 am

The Holy Family Catholic Cathedral, adorned in colorful Christmas decorations, was lively with hundreds of church goers, who attended Christmas mass with their families on 24 December.  They joined hundreds of catholics, and other denominations around the world to celebrate the most Holy festival in the Catholic calender, Christmas, which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

During the celebrations at mass, the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla conveyed in his uplifting Christmas message that Jesus was about acceptance, and everyone should be treated as human. He called on his parish to accept everyone and live up to Jesus' example of giving our heart to God and receive life. "We have to respect each other and understand our brethern as humans so we can live as one family," He added.

The mass concluded on a joyful note and filled with the blessings of the holy Christmas season that was shared among the parish with their families, friends, and their community. 

Churches across Kuwait bore witness to the joyfulness and exuberance of the season as parishioners from the various expat communities exchanged season’s greetings and exemplified the season's theme of humanity. 

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