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Christmas & New Year’s 2014 Eve get-together
December 21, 2013, 12:41 pm

When: December 31 

Where:  Indraprastha Auditorium, Mangaf

Capturing the spirit of New Year, United Friends Cultural Association (UFCA), Kuwait a Secular, announced a festive event to welcome the New Year 2014. The function will take place from 7pm to 1.00 am. This New Year’s Eve night will be full of pleasant excitement, merry making, feasting, dancing, singing and welcoming warmly the bright and fresh New Year. Singing, dancing and other amusing programs of talented members, their children and Patron Members of the UFCA, will make the occasion magnificent and unforgettable. This ‘2014 New Year Eve Get-together’ with colorful events in an amicable atmosphere will be the biggest party night of the year.

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