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Choosing tinted moisturizers
May 18, 2014, 11:22 am

If you are going for a bare, fresh-faced complexion that is a perfect canvas for a palette of hot hues, then a simple tinted moisturizer offers the perfect coverage.

Test before you buy: People really need to test it out on their skin. The last thing you want is your tinted moisturizer to make your skin look orange, and oily.  Swipe the cream on your jawline and between the neck and face, to feel how it affects your skin. These places are so much lighter than everywhere else on your body.

Know your texture: Different textures and formulas have different functions. Most tinted moisturizers in a squeeze tube packaging are easy to use and the soothing ingredients relax the skin and enable the foundation to glide on smoothly. There are other products that can meet your sun protection, moisturizer and light foundation needs. There are also many tinted moisturizer products from top brands with a finish that is going to hold all day and wears nicely into your skin.

Moisturizer Methodology: Start with a freshly cleansed palette. For best results, always start off your skin care routine with an amazing cleansing balm that eliminates dry skin and impurities. Then, apply your special moisturizer over T-zone, and for under the eyes, on the nose and chin — where you tend to get oily.

Brush it on: With a brush, it is easier to control the amount of product that is being applied, and you are able to lightly diffuse the tinted moisturizer over your entire face which really helps to blur imperfections. You may also use a brush when you want to highlight your cheekbones and define the jawline.

The natural look: Providing a nice, natural coverage is especially important for mature women who usually stay away from heavy foundations, and younger women who do not need foundation. Look for products that have the select ingredients that make the cream very moisturizing, and contain just enough pigment to soften the features on your face. Seek products with firming properties that create a younger-looking appearance. Usually the best tinted moisturizers are those that make your skin look healthy, and protect it from sun damage and breakouts.

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