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Choosing a summer fragrance
June 8, 2014, 12:17 pm

Rest assured that for every summery event—from lounging on the beach to hitting up a music event—there’s a fragrance for that. The trick is selecting a match from the array of just-launched summer scents. Read some tips for selecting the best fragrances this summer.

Lighten up: When it comes to wearing fragrances in the summer, there are many new, lighter versions of fragrances you already love that are easier to wear when it’s hot outside.

Go to your happy place: If you’re looking to find something— and there are hundreds and hundreds of fragrances launched every year— it’s a bit daunting. One interesting way to make a decision is to think about what makes you really happy or what do you love to do in the summer? Do you love to be in your garden, or go to the beach? And if you think about what makes you happy and what you’re experiencing in those places, it’s a good way to start when choosing a fragrance.

Try a sniff test, if you love the garden, and your roses and irises and all of those beautiful, sweet smells, you’d probably like floral scents. If you love going out for cocktails, there are quite a few fragrances with notes that are based on fruit and cocktails and that feeling.

Then, there are fragrances that are inspired by the beach and many women love the idea of combining aquatic, marine notes with saltiness and sandalwoods notes. Fragrances that are reminiscent of the beach are wonderful; it’s that whole experience of relaxation and freshness that has been bottled up.

Spend some time with it: The only real way to tell if a fragrance is right for you is to wear it. One way you can do it is to ask for testers, take them home and try them for a little while, because having that scent on your skin is really the best gauge of whether you’re going to be able to live with it and like it and feel good in it.

Scent appeal: If you’re shopping for a day and you want to try a couple out, try one scent on one wrist and one scent on the other. Go shopping, spend some time and keep smelling it, because the top notes are going to be gone after 15 minutes, then you’re left with the middle heart of the fragrance, and that’s going to last a while; and then the dry down after three to four hours, is what that fragrance is going to smell like at the end of the day. The heart and the base notes are what you want to love the most. And if you love the fragrance, go back and buy it because for many women, it’s really instinctual and intuitive when they are drawn to a fragrance.


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