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Child training session to develop young minds
March 22, 2017, 4:07 pm

Young children are generally motivated to learn about everything, and have an inherent desire to find out and share information. However, many children lack the tools to learn and develop, and fail to acquire knowledge in the classroom as they are unable to concentrate or direct their energy into a subject. Moreover, the modern world with its many distractions entices children to avoid learning in favor of entertainment.

Parents and teacher should play a more proactive role to motivate children to be more enthusiastic about learning and focus on developing their curiosity.  Children should be taught to focus, model curiosity and pose questions on various topics. When children are taught the best techniques by patient adults, they are able to apply their new knowledge to learn new concepts and think effectively.  It often takes children time to find the right way to express their thinking.

To help parents and teachers contribute to their child’s future in a positive manner, Arpan is organizing a child improvement program to outline modern techniques for parents and teachers who want to play an active role in their children’s education. 

Arpan, Kuwait is association with Lulu Exchange is organizing an education session called ‘SRADHA’ that underlines various techniques for children that is geared towards parents and teachers. The program will be held on 24 March at the Indian community school Khaitan branch at 10.30 am with registration starting earlier at 10.00 am. The program aims to train parents to utilize modern techniques to help their children inculcate good habits at home.  Pauline Allen, Principal of The Sound Learning Centre UK is the chief training expert who will be speaking on modern techniques to upgrade children’s skills.

This will be followed by a half-hour session titled Concentration is the Secret of Strength which will be led by Shilpa Patak - Counselor, DPS, who has an MSc in Psychotherapy and Counseling from Sheffield University, U.K. Then, a 45-minute session on Yoga - Techniques for Children in daily life led by Yogachariya Sugandhi Krishna will commence.

This training program is created for parents and teachers, who are looking to sharpen their children's concentration, improve their skills and their attentiveness. This will help children to cultivate the necessary skills for applying themselves to excel in academics and other activities.

Pre-registration online website:
For more information: 97238035, 66610292, 66784867                   

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