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Child beaten, phone stolen
July 5, 2017, 9:49 am

Police are looking for a Kuwaiti citizen in his 20s who beat a juvenile in Quosur area and stole his mobile, and later sold the device to a shop in Mangaf area. A security source said father of the juvenile accompanied his son to the area police station and reported the incident. An Asian expatriate answered when the officers called the line, and he confirmed working at a mobile phone shop. He explained a citizen had sold the phone to him, and provided his details.

In the meantime, owner of the shop was summoned to the police station and asked to bring civil ID copy of the suspect. A case was registered against him.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen filed a case against a person who broke the glass of his vehicle in Shaab area and stole KD 300. Fingerprint was lifted to trail the suspect.

Source: Arab Times


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