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Chic culottes
December 21, 2014, 5:37 pm

From street style stars to A-listers, every Fashionista seems to have jumped aboard the culottes train, making them the ‘It’ silhouette for fall. Still, something about voluminous pants—also known as gauchos—doesn’t exactly scream wearable and flattering to a lot of women.

That being said, they should. Whether you’re tall or petite, lanky or curvy, there’s a culotte out there with your name on it just waiting to be made into a fashion statement. Read on for our tips for culotte beginners on how to make this trend work for you.

Dress them up like an A-line skirt: If you have culottes anxiety, think of them as you would an A-line skirt when going about styling them. For example, tuck in your blouse or choose a high-waist pair and add a crop top. To get an effortless look as just get started, stick to basic colors like black, navy, and off-white. Before you know it, you’ll be living in culottes and experimenting with fun prints and colors, but this is the best way to start.

 The best length is mid-calf: The answer to the question of the best length or the best place for your culottes to fall on your legs is. That would be mid-calf, which will give the appearance of wearing a fun swingy skirt. If you’re on the petite side, opt for a pair that falls right below the knee, and tailor them if you need to.

Choose fantastic shoes: Arguably the whole point of culottes is to give you the chance to show off your shoes. Sleek ladylike options work best; you really can’t go wrong with a pair of pointy toe pumps with a slim heel, as it instantly elongates your shape. For advanced culottes wearers, think of the pants as your trendy choice to go to town with more daring options like a thick-heeled platform or fun booties, which will keep them from feeling too elderly.

Don’t be afraid to play with proportions: While the width and length of culottes can vary by quite a lot, the pants are usually high-waisted, which means they work particularly well with a top on the shorter side of things. It doesn’t have to be a crop top, but it should fall above your hip so your mid-section doesn’t end up looking wider than it is. Another way to wear them is with a tucked in blouse, which is a great look for the office.

Wear them well in fall: Culottes are most definitely not just a summer staple, they will carry you fashionably well into fall. Wear them with stalking peeking out, a blazer and a scarf for those slightly chilly days, or even with boots, which will give the illusion that you are wearing a continuous pair of pants.


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