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Chevron says Saudi-Kuwait joint oilfield to remain shut
May 30, 2015, 12:57 pm

An jointly-operated onshore oilfield between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will remain shut until difficulties to operate are resolved, a spokeswoman for US oil major Chevron said on Wednesday. "Current difficulties in securing work permits and materials have impacted the company's operations," Chevron spokeswoman Sally Jones said in a statement. Chevron operates the Wafra onshore oilfield on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

"While efforts continue with all appropriate parties to resolve the issue, Saudi Arabian Chevron and Kuwait Gulf Oil Company have stopped production at the onshore Partitioned Zone. Production will remain shut in until the situation is resolved," Jones said. The field was shut for maintenance on May 11 for two weeks, a move apparently aimed at giving the Gulf OPEC allies more time to solve a long-standing dispute.

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