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Cheese Chilly Toast
July 11, 2013, 10:50 am
·      Bread Slices                - 4 to 6
·      Green chilly                 - 1 or 2
·      Pepper pwd                 - a pinch
·      Jeera / cumin pwd        - ¼ tsp
·      Chat masala pwd         - a pinch
·      Fresh cream                - 1 to 2 tsp
·      Paprika pwd                - ¼ tsp
·      Chopped tomatoes      - 2 tbsp (only skin)
·      Salt to taste
1.   Take grated cheese in a bowl.
2.   Add  finely chopped green chilly,  pepper pwd,  jeera pwd, salt and chat masala pwd.
3.   Add paprika pwd, chopped tomatoes. ( take out the seeds from the tomato )
4.   Add a tsp of cream.
5.   Mix well together.
6.   Now take bread slices and roast the bread slightly golden color.
7.   Spread the cheese mixture evenly to the roasted bread surface.
8.   Roast it in the pan, till you get nice colour and texture.
9.   Also you can roast it in the oven in broil mode or in a convention mode till you get the color.
10.  Healthy & delicious  Cheese  Chilly  Toast  is ready..!
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