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Charter flight ready to bring back home Kuwaitis in Turkey - Ministry
July 17, 2016, 8:32 am
Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A Kuwaiti charter flight that left Turkey yesterday evening, had been arranged to transport Kuwaiti citizens back home in the wake of recent turbulent events in Turkey, announced a statement by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

The Kuwaiti charter flight will depart from Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, in concert with efforts by the ministry in conjunction with the Kuwait embassy in Ankara and the Kuwait consulate in Istanbul, said the statement.

All Kuwaiti citizens willing to be on board that flight from Istanbul should make their wishes known to the Kuwaiti embassy and the consulate in Turkey using the following phone nos. : 00905331648479 or 00905495495494 or 00905433878989 or00905333060644 or 00905333088444.

To contact the ministry in Kuwait, the phone nos. available are 00965 9800 7888 or 00965 9800 7999.

Source: KUNA

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