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Changes in new plan to issue work permits – Employers divided in 3 categories
June 20, 2017, 9:54 am

Acting Director General of Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Mousa announced that the authority has issued Decision No. 647/2017 concerning issuance of work permits.

This decision contains amendments to the previous administrative decision such as proscription of the Work Permits Committee and inclusion of new jobs for which employers can obtain work permits.  Al-Mousa explained that the decision divided employers into three categories.

The first category of employers can obtain work permits based on estimation of labor needs.

This includes fully government owned companies, those in which the government owns not less than 25 percent share, hospitals, clinics, medical centers, laboratories, pharmacies and home medical care. Specialties here are regarded as specialized technical professions.

The first category also includes banks, insurance companies, investment companies, hotels, universities, colleges, private schools, private training institutes “teaching staff” and nurseries.

Others are sporting clubs, civil society organizations, cooperative societies, trade unions, donor agencies and foundations.

Other fields included in the first category are manufacturing facilities, cottage industries, local and aviation companies, and air and sea travel agencies, as well as engineering, legal and financial consultancy offices.

The list includes local and foreign media outfits, agriculture, hunting, livestock, print media, satellite channels, radio stations, electronic and print magazines, approved car dealers, and money exchange companies approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

The second category of employers can obtain 25 percent of work permits for the total number of estimated employees.

They are the companies that are listed in the Kuwait Bourse, companies categorized as one, two and three by the Central System for Public Tenders, as well as commercial agency owners and limited shareholding companies.

Shareholding companies, approved brand agencies registered with Ministry of Commerce and Industry, firefighting companies categorized by Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, travel agencies approved by the General Department of Civil Aviation, health clubs and institutes, cinemas, entertainment cities, supermarkets built on space not less than 1,000 square meters, industries licensed by Public Authority for Industry, and companies that import medical equipment are also included in the second category.

Al-Mousa said the decision stipulates that employers who are not included in the abovementioned two categories can obtain maximum of 25 percent of work permits for the total number of employees, which should not be more than four in number after considering the needs of the employers. Those employers can obtain work permits for government contracts based on relevant regulations.


Source: Arab Times

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