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Champions Football Club organized Jersey launch and family get-together
October 3, 2015, 12:24 pm

Champions Football Club, Kuwait unanimously hosted a Jersey Launch and a family get-together with a colourful cultural programs at Mangaf KALA Auditorium on Saturday.

The event  started with a prayer song by Juvel followed by Joseph Kanakan, the manager of Champions FC who welcomed everyone to the gathering. Ashik Kadiri, the President of KEFAK  and chief guest of the function declared the event open by lighting lamp.

Nelson Vareed, the president of CFC presided over the function, and Gulam Mustafa, secretary of KEFAK launched the team jersey by presenting one to Mr. Shijas, the Captain of the team.

Other distinguished guests who spoke on the occasion were; Jacob Varghese (M.D. Blue Line Co.),  Fidaus Valiyat (Country Manager  BAHAR), Biju Chettiyadath( Secretary), Thomas Chekkatti  (Treasurer) and  Anil (Coach CFC). Followed by the cultural banquet Mr. Vinoy Thomas , an executive member gave the vote of thanks. The event was anchored by Jeldo, Anoop and Shihab.

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