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Centrepoint pledges its support to women this March
March 15, 2015, 11:13 am

Celebrating the significant sacrifices, effort and dedication that our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters make every moment of everyday is reduced to just two days of every year. Undoubtedly not nearly enough time to fully appreciate these heroes in our lives. Centrepoint – the region’s largest family fashion retailer - has announced its pledge towards women in the region during the month of March. The retail giant has launched a series of contests, discounts and videos set to celebrate women for an entire month in order to encourage shoppers in the region to pledge their love, support and time to women that make their lives special.

Starting from 15 March right upto 18 March, all children aged 8 -12 years are invited to all Centrepoint outlets across Kuwait to participate in a card marking competition. Cards will be available at the outlets from 5:00pm onwards daily and children can draw or paint their messages for their mothers. Three selected winners will be announced on 21 March from 4:30pm – 7:00 pm at Centrepoint – The Avenues.  The winners of this competition will win special gift hampers for their mothers from Lifestyle.

Commenting upon this initiative, Vinod Talreja, the Director of Centrepoint, states that “while women make up 70% of our customer base we have found that 73% of our sales are attributed towards men’s, children’s and home products. So while the woman within the family shops more often at Centrepoint, she is often found shopping for everyone else in her life. Based upon these trends we found it important to celebrate women and put them at the centre of our attention and offerings for an entire month. This is a modest effort on our behalf to encourage everyone to participate in a month long appreciation of women.”

Through a social-media led campaign, customers will be encouraged to take the pledge and share this pledge towards the special women in their lives across social media through #IPledgetoMom. Those who takes the pledge stands the chance to win Centrepoint gift vouchers.

Further expanding upon activations for the month, Mr. Talreja notes that “We hope to make this initiative viral and spread #IPledgetoMom in order to give back to the women who have made an impact on us. We have also created two videos – one for Women’s and one for Mother’s March with the intention of spreading this message further to our fans. We are proud to announce that we will be tying up with Kris Fade from the 15th to the 21st of March, he will be motivating his fans to take the pledge for Mother’s Day. Fans that take the pledge also stand the chance to win plane tickets to fly their mothers to Dubai.”

Take the pledge and share it with #IPledgetoMom this March for all the women that have impacted your life and continue to do so every day.

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