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Centenary of Italian Armed Forces Day celebrated
November 10, 2018, 12:01 pm

To mark the 100th Anniversary of Italy’s Armed Forces Day, the country’s Military and Defense Attaché in Kuwait Col. Vito Cracas hosted a reception at the Regency Hotel on 4 November. The Guest of Honor was the Commander of the Kuwait Air Force, Air Vice-Marshal Adnan Al Fadhli, who was joined at the gathering by the Italian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Giuseppe Scognamiglio.

In his speech, Col. Cracas explained the significance of the event, “The auspicious occasion marks the end of the First World War for Italy on 4 November, 1918 with the signing of the armistice between Italy and Austro-Hungarian Empire. This important date is celebrated in Italy as the National Unity and Armed Forces Day, to remember all those Italians, regardless of their regional origin, who lost their lives to fight for their united nation during that war, and who have died defending freedom and peace since then.”

He also pointed out that the celebration marks the reopening of the Italian Defense Attaché Office in Kuwait on 28 January, 2018. He emphasized, “I’m proud to say that the bilateral cooperation between Italy and Kuwait has never been so strong. The recent reopening of both resident Military and Defense Attaché Offices in Rome and in Kuwait City testifies to this new era of a relationship in the field of defense between our two countries.”

On the topic of Italy’s defense capabilities, he said, “Italy has a very important defense sector, with industries that have a huge technological know-how. The excellent advancements in the Italian defense industry combined with the modern and agile Italian Armed Forces makes Italy a strong competitor in the defense business.”

On his part, Air Vice-Marshal Adnan Al-Fadhli stated that the Kuwait Army will start receiving the first batch of Eurofighter Typhoons in the fourth-quarter of 2020, and the country would receive a total of 28 warplanes. He added that Eurofighter Typhoons are being built by aerospace and defense companies of four European nations of Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain.”

He also praised the military cooperation between Kuwait and Italy as excellent, and noted that the two countries are bound by military contracts and cooperation, and that Kuwaiti pilots and navy forces trained in Italy.

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