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Caution urged as Kuwait braces for another four days of heavy rain
November 8, 2018, 8:06 am

Residents of Kuwait were urged to exercise caution as state authorities on Wednesday announced their readiness to face another likely four days of heavy rain over the weekend. Forecasters have warned that heavy rainfall over the next two days will be followed by more extreme downpours in addition to unstable weather over the two days that follow.

Motorists were advised against sudden deceleration and to leave adequate spacing with surrounding vehicles. This is to prevent putting their own lives and the lives of others in danger, the Ministry of Interior warned in a statement.

Homeowners should turn off their porch lights and make sure that all sewage outlets in the premises are not obstructed. The ministry welcomed calls made by nationals and expatriates alike to the 24-hour emergency 112 hotline, for any unexpected humanitarian, traffic or security-related incidents.

The coastguards 1880888 hotline is dedicated to incidents reported at sea, the ministry added. Meanwhile, public hospitals and clinics throughout the country have been put on "high alert and readiness" following the reports. Health Minister Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah has instructed area department heads to make the necessary arrangements, according to a statement. 

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