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Catch The Body Shop Special Editions while you can
December 8, 2013, 1:57 pm

The Body Shop announced the launch of luxurious; special-edition collections that are here to spice up the holidays so every woman can spoil herself each and every day. Evoking the heart-warming spirit of this season, these decadent delights are bursting with natural ingredients, sumptuous textures and the gorgeous gourmand scents: zingy Ginger Sparkle; fruity Cranberry Joy; and indulgent Vanilla Bliss.

Ginger Sparkle: With lavish, textures and a warm, spicy fragrance, this ginger-infused Special Edition collection is a feast for the senses. It contains body polish, shower gel, hand lotion, hand wash, shimmer lotion and body butter.

Cranberry Joy: The much-loved, delectable Cranberry Joy collection is back for the holidays. This rich line-up of bath, body and home fragrance treats containing cranberry extract and a raft of skin-beneficial Community Fair Trade ingredients has a mouth-watering fruity fragrance.

Vanilla Bliss: It offers a unique, top-to-toe experience with wonderfully indulgent Vanilla Bliss. Enriched with vanilla extract and a host of richly decadent Community Fair Trade ingredients, the lavish collection has a delicious gourmand fragrance. Time for some delicious me-time!

So, at The Body Shop, customers enjoy the thrill of finding naturally-inspired products, rich in the highest-quality ingredients, which deliver true beauty innovation and efficacy.

“Take comfort in knowing that a gift from The Body Shop helps spread JOY far and wide. As a Brand, we encourage and take concrete actions to help others, through our Campaigns, our commitment to animal welfare, our endeavour to protect the planet and our Community Fair Trade programme, which helps to enrich the lives of some 300,000 people living in marginalized communities around the world. 80% of our products contain one or more Community Fair Trade ingredients.

We call this Beauty with Heart!’ said Brett Lilley – Business Manager at The Body Shop.

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