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Cars seized for breaking new traffic laws
November 16, 2017, 8:10 am
Cars found parked on pavements are impounded and taken away by the Traffic Dept.

136 students caught driving without licence

Acting Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Major- General Fahd Al-Shuwea said Article 207 of the Traffic Law has been activated as of Wednesday, 15 November, 2017, reports Al- Anba daily.

According to the article, vehicles will be impounded for not more two months in addition to a fine if the motorist speaks on the phone while driving without the use of earphones and the same fine will be applicable if the passenger on the front seat and the driver does not use the seat belts. The same penalty will be applied for motor bikers if they do not wear the crash helmets while riding.

The official explained there is no room for negligence in activating the provisions of the traffic law for the safety of all segments of society to protect the road users. He pointed out the Public Relations and Security Media Department has launched an awareness campaign side by side announcing the activation of the traffic law.

The Department also used the print, audio and video media and social networking sites in addition to posting messages on the electronic billboards as it launched the awareness campaign.

This is in addition to printing brochures in different languages to be distributed among citizens and expatriates with the start of the activation of the law.

He praised the civilized interaction of the drivers with the activation of Article 169 of the Traffic Law, which states that it is not permissible to park their vehicles or stop at pedestrian crossings or on sidewalks. He stressed this interaction has reflected in the low rate of violations which have dropped significantly from 4,000 to just 150 per day.

Meanwhile, the Al-Anba daily reported upon instructions of Shuwea the General Traffic Department organized a surprise campaign in the vicinity of secondary schools in different governorates of Kuwait and arrested 136 juveniles, most of them Kuwaitis. They were caught driving cars without licences. All of them have been referred to the Juvenile Prosecution and their cars have been impounded.

Source: Arab Times

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