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Cars not observing lane rules will be seized
November 7, 2017, 9:42 am

In a new measure to ensure traffic laws are observed and to reduce the rate of road accidents, Ministry of Interior intends to start impounding vehicles whose owners fail to observe laws concerning road lanes and marking.

Sources added the ministry is planning to incorporate the new idea in the law governing traffic to seize for two months all vehicles whose owners fail to observe laws pertaining to road lanes and markings, similar to the recently implemented law related to vehicles parked on pavements.

In addition, the motorist will bear the cost of towing the impounded vehicle, which is KD 10. He will also incur penalty of KD 1 daily throughout the 60 days period the vehicle remains in the custody of the ministry.

Meanwhile, the ministry is reviewing some conditions pertaining to issuing driving license for expatriates. The review will focus on the categories of people who are permitted to be issued with driving license, according to traffic law.

Sources said the step is meant to study each category individually before the concerned department issues suitable decisions in the near future, in line with comprehensive standards.

Source: Arab Times

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