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Carriage wins Innovation Award at the 2018 Arabian Business Achievement Awards
June 10, 2018, 2:25 pm

A leading regional online food ordering and delivery marketplace, Carriage won the 'Innovation Award' at the 2018 Arabian Business Achievement Awards held in Kuwait this month.

Awarded for being a game-changer since its launch in 2016, what was a local start-up has earned its regional success by maintaining its position at the forefront of providing an innovative platform that enables customers with exclusive services and unique features, as well as supports local businesses through an efficient gateway that brings them closer to customers.

Carriage Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Abdullah Al-Mutawa, said: “We are honored to receive the award which reflects our continued endeavors to provide innovative solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers whether the individual ordering through Carriage or the business using our platform.”

In two years, Carriage expanded its operations geographically, taking the online ordering app and website from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Mutawa added: “Our regional expansion was driven by our innovative offering whereby we teamed up with restaurants and businesses to offer customers unique menus and products exclusively through the Carriage platform, while allowing customers to order within a few clicks, track their orders through a simple interface, and reorder past orders.

“With the unique offering and exclusive promotions, we’ve also focused at Carriage on expanding vertically to provide the largest pool of choices to customers as well as horizontally to introduce new lines of businesses.”

Carriage today covers restaurants and coffee shops, groceries, flowers, beauty and health supplements with over 2,000 businesses listed on the platform. These products are served daily by a large fleet around 3,000 vehicles, delivering hundreds of thousands of orders every day across the region.

Al-Mutawa concluded: “What differentiates Carriage is the customer experience and engagement that we were successful in achieving thanks to the interface design that allows us to promote, interact, and most importantly, create an easy, fast, safe and rich customer experience.”

Carriage operates a hybrid business model driven by homegrown professionals committed to providing innovative services and products that anticipate and respond to market needs. The platform offers both delivery marketplaces and own delivery services in the Middle East, allowing it to add restaurants, coffee shops, groceries, flowers, beauty and health supplements providers that do not offer delivery services or require a solid delivery network to its marketplaces.


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