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Cardiac Catheterization in Mubarak Hospital, remarkable step - Health Minister
September 20, 2018, 8:46 am
Kuwaiti Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah at the Cardiac Catheterization ward at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital

Kuwaiti Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al­Sabah announced on Wednesday that the Cardiac Catheterization ward that was lately launched at Mubarak AlKabeer Hospital at Hawalli Health District is considered a distinguished addition and qualitative leap in the health care for cardiac patients.

The new ward consists of three operation and catheterization wards, including a room for conducting surgeries, another one for cardiovascular physiology and a third for cardiac catheterization, he said.

The percentage of urgent cardia catheterization cases reached 60 percent in 2016, compared to only seven percent back in 2012, he added. This ward will contribute to alleviating burden on Chest Diseases Hospital (CDH) currently, as further cardiac catheterization rooms will be launched at Al­Farwaneya Hospital in the near future, the Minister said.

Head of Cardiology Division at Mubarak Al­Kabeer Hospital Dr . Mohammad Zubaid said in press remarks that the Hospital received around 850 patients of heart strokes on an annual basis, and later they were distributed to the three cardiac centers in various parts of the country to follow up with their treatment and conduct cardiac catheterization operation.

The age rate of heart stroke patients in the country reached 48 ­­ 10 years younger from similar cases in the United States and Europe. The rate of waiting timing to patients to meet cardiac physicians is not relatively long, as it reached below one week in some hospitals.

He indicates at rise in the cardiac patients in Kuwait and the Gulf region lately. The opening of the new cardiac catheterization ward in Mubarak Al­Kabeer Hospital coincides with the preparations of the United Nations General Assembly staging of the third High­level Meeting on the prevention and control of non­communicable diseases (NCDs) to be held on September 27 in New York City, US, he said. It also coincides with the World Heart Day, which comes on September 29, he added.

Source: KUNA

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