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Canadian woman claims she was "only joking" in death threat to Dubai businessman
November 2, 2015, 10:29 am

A Canadian woman who threatened to kill a Dubai businessman and ruin his reputation has claimed ni court her actions were simply part of a joke and were not genuine.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard testimony from a 45-year-old Pakistani businessman that the 49-year-old Canadian expatriate woman sent a series of threathening messages: “She called me on my phone and left voice messages threatening to kill me,” the court was told. “She sent emails to me saying that she will take me down.”

The incidents took place in September and the businessman in question complained to police, leading to the arrest of the female defendant.

The woman admitted sending the emails and voice messages but told police the threats were not genuine.

“I sent him emails and called him but it wasn’t a serious matter... I was only joking with him,” she said in testimony. It was not revealed in court what the relationship, if any, was between the two. A verdict will be delivered next month and the woman remains in custody.
Source: Arabian Business
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