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Canadian Universities tour introduces elite universities to students
February 10, 2015, 11:22 am

The Canadian Higher Education Committee under the aegis of Council of International Schools (CIS) organized the Council’s twelfth consecutive Canadian tour to Kuwait. Higher education representatives from Canada’s top Universities gathered at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Kuwait City on Monday, 9 February 2015, to highlight study opportunities in Canada and raise awareness of Canada as a center of excellence in higher education.

The exhibition attracted a large group of students accompanied by their parents who were eager to get information on several promising study programs, more importantly to gain guidance from representatives. Ambassador of Canada to Kuwait H.E. Martine Moreau and Chief Guest Ms. Fatma Al Akroura, Head of Public Relations of the National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance (NBAQ) opened the exhibition. Ambassador Moreau welcomed the crowd and highlighted the many significant reasons to study in Canada, including the fact that Canadian universities offer some of the world’s best education programs at a very competitive pricing structure.

Ms. Al Akroura then added a few words of praise for the event before allowing the leaders of the delegation, Daralyn Holt of Trent University, and Jennifer Peterman of McGill University, to give their presentation, which served the purpose of providing a detailed overview of the positive attributes of studying in Canada. Canada is good option for higher studies because of its high academic standards which are recognized and valued around the world. Moreover, students get to associate with international students that deliver a valuable multi-cultural experience. Aside from the quality and affordable education, students have the chance to learn in an exciting campus environment and immerse themselves in a collaborative learning, hands-on education experience and advanced research amenities.

Ms. Peterman talked about the admission process, affordable tuition across Canada’s provinces, scholarships available for special students and other factors related to eligibility to join the universities. She pointed out that post-graduation programs in dentistry, engineering and medicine drew great interest from students here.

Students were excited to enter into a discussion with representatives from 12 of Canada’s best universities.  The entire hall was lively as students interacted with representatives, asking questions about eligibility, interactive programs, living conditions and bustling city life. The representatives in answering the questions emphasized their universities facets that would appeal to students like community spirit, beautiful campuses and good working conditions and guiding the students to reach a decision. They also noted that there were a number of openings for students who wanted to work part time, to become more culturally aware or get work experience with their quality education.

For many students, who had done prior research and had already chosen their universities, the exhibition allowed them to meet with representatives to finalize their decision. However, there were others who used the occasion to seek out new possibilities.

“Before we didn’t think of sending our daughter to Canada but after coming here, we have a different perspective,” said Sue Chan Wong, one of the attending parents. “Coming to programs like this is really helpful because in Kuwait there is not much exposure to foreign universities so it is really helpful to have them come to us, and we get to see what options are available for studying abroad,” added her daughter, Penesia Sun Chan Wong.

Daralyn Holt of Trent University spoke with The Times Kuwait regarding the interest of Canadian universities in students from Kuwait, she said, “We received a great and positive turnout at this exhibition. I think many of our universities choose to recruit in Kuwait because there is a strong education system here with outstanding national and international high schools. Moreover, Kuwait has a very diverse population so we benefit from meeting with many citizens as well as expatriates from around the world, including our own Canadians.  Kuwait is an important stop in our tour and we are pleased that our university campuses do welcome students from here.”

The exhibition was very successful with students benefiting from open communication and receiving valuable assistance in planning their academic future.

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