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Canada’s role in Kuwait’s liberation highlighted
February 13, 2016, 5:38 pm

Rear-Admiral Ken Summers (Retired), Commander of the Canadian Task Force during the 1st Gulf War paid a short visit to Kuwait last week as part of Kuwait’s National and Liberation Day celebrations.

Speaking to the media at the ambassador’s residence, Rear-Admiral Summers spoke of the Canadian contingent’s role and their valiant efforts in the liberation of Kuwait way back in 1991. Reminiscing the days that led to the liberation, Rear-Admiral Summers said it was a huge operation unprecedented in history and Canada was proud to be part of the operation.

Some part of the Liberation was captured in photographs by the Rear-Admiral Summers himself. These first-hand pictures are a chilling reminder of the devastating destruction perpetrated by the retreating Iraqi soldiers. “This is my third visit to Kuwait and I am amazed at the recovery and normalcy that has returned in such a short period of time,” he remarked during the conference.

Among the many incidents recounted by the admiral, he noted the fires that the Canadian fire fighting firm Safety Boss put out was the largest by a single firm and went unnoticed. He also recounted how as Commander of the Canadian contingent he was privileged to raise the flag over the embassy on 1 March, 1991.

The Canadians were part of the largest coalition forces ever to take part in the liberation of Kuwait and provided air, navy and ground forces, including medical and fire-fighting teams.

Ambassador of Canada to Kuwait H.E. Martine Moreau and Dr. Richard Gimblett, Navy Command Historian, Department of National Defence were also present during the press briefing.

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