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Canada aspires for mega enterprises in Kuwait
March 30, 2017, 5:54 pm

Canada plans to promote mega enterprises in Kuwait's infrastructure, with prospected participation of other foreign entrepreneurs according to the partnership formula bonding the private and public sectors, says the nation's envoy in Kuwait.

Ambassador Martin Morrow, in a statement to KUNA on fringes of a seminar held by the embassy, indicated that she was awaiting "some details" from her government concerning the aspired investments in Kuwait.

Jim Quick, President and CEO at Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, expressed readiness, in a statement at the forum, to help narrow the technological gulf between Kuwait and his nation Quick, whose country is the third globally in aircraft production, elaborated saying that the global fleet is forecast to grow by five percent, with 40,000 planes, worth US$ 5.9 trillion, expected to be put in operation in coming years.

Source: KUNA

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