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Canada an attractive education destination for Kuwait
October 29, 2015, 10:17 am

The Embassy of Canada in Kuwait organized the 10th annual Edu-Canada Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Tour, at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa on 26–28 October.

Representatives of more than 15 leading Canadian universities, colleges and language schools visiting Kuwait were available to meet with students, parents and other members of the education community and present the advantages of studying in Canada.

Most of the visiting schools at the education fair were returning recruiters — such as from Waterloo and Dalhousie – who enjoy a stable relationship with many of the schools in Kuwait. Over the years, these recruiters have been visiting various high schools in Kuwait to interact directly with the students, and help them with the offered programs.

The Ambassador of Canada to Kuwait H.E. Martine Moreau believes that education is a priority for Canadians and Kuwaitis, and she expressed her pleasure to see the increase in not only Kuwaiti students traveling to Canada to study, but also in the growing interest in bringing Canadian curriculums to Kuwait.

In a written message on the occasion, the ambassador noted that “the number of Kuwaiti students studying in Canada continues to grow and barely a week goes by when I do not meet a Kuwaiti medical professional or an engineer who has studied in Canada. These graduates are some of our biggest supporters and are able to give a local view of the Canadian education system to prospective students."

She also affirmed that the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait has been happy with the students who have graduated from Canadian colleges and universities and that both the countries look forward to seeing an even greater number of students traveling to Canada to study in 2016.

Saying that currently there were 260 Kuwaiti students in Canada, with 60 new ones joining this year, the embassy’s Counselor, Tammy Ames, added, "We have quite a mix; a lot of doctors, engineers, and entries for dentistry, pharmacy, and business majors, all of whom will be graduating and returning soon.”

Commenting on the competition from other countries such as the US, UK and Australia, she said, "Those are some of our biggest competitors, and then of course there is France for French language. We would like to get some French-language students who would want to study in Canada and get a degree in French there. We have some great French Universities in New Brunswick and we have students from France who go to Canada to study in French, so it is certainly a respected institution. The level of education is just as high in French, as it is in English."

"Canadian universities are publicly funded and as such are held to the highest governmental standards of education. This, combined with multi-cultural open campuses in a safe environment, mean that Kuwaiti students come home with an overwhelmingly positive view of Canada," noted Ambassador Moreau.

Besides being home to ethnically diverse Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Canada is among the top three OECD countries in spending per capita on public post-secondary education, as well as a world leader in post-secondary research and also outpaces other G-7 countries on higher education investment. While the country is focused on job creation and economic growth, it is also able to attract skilled newcomers who can succeed in, and help grow Canada’s economy.

By Ghazal Kotwani
Staff Writer

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