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Cameroon wins top economic reformer award
August 12, 2016, 4:41 pm

Cameroon won recognition as the top economic reformer at the 2016 World Investment Forum, which was held from 17 – 21 July in Nairobi, Kenya. The award, a joint initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network and the United States Department of State recognized Cameroon’s efforts to make it easier for entrepreneurs to register their business and comply with laws and regulations.

A study by the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network says Cameroon emerged first out of the 17 members of the Organization for Harmonization of Business Law in Africa for its platform which makes it possible for companies to register their businesses online through one single form and payment.

The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network was created to simplify administrative procedures worldwide from business registration to its setting up. Currently, only 29 countries have a single window while 130 countries have information portals. The foundation is encouraging all countries to put their businesses processes online by 2019.

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