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Café Meem opens with a new experience
February 15, 2016, 4:34 pm

The scent of freshly roasted coffee fills the restaurant, engulfing its visitors with nostalgic feelings associated with early morning hours. Visitor’s first take notice of the most delicious kinds of breakfast dishes that decorate their tables with fresh items imported specially from Lebanon, and bakery items prepared on demand. Café Meem presents a family atmosphere that makes one feel right at home.

With its charming ambiance, Café Meem at Sea View in Mahboula is the destination for gourmet and breakfast enthusiasts who are drawn by varieties of fresh food and coffee items. The café was newly opened as part of MMC Catering’s strategy to improve and develop its restaurants in accordance with the fast-evolving local community, in order to present a unique dining experience.

“Café Meem is designed to inspire the taste buds with bold flavors brought to you straight from the oven, prepared with fresh ingredients to create a homey atmosphere,” says Lamya Sebti, Director of Marketing at MMC Catering.

“With its new look, Café Meem presents a wide variety of items, including freshly prepared main course and side dishes, in addition to a variety of items imported specially from Lebanon,” he added.

As Café Meem returns to its customers with a new look, its management was keen on presenting a new menu, updated interior design while adding to the highest levels of innovation, quality and customer service the café includes.

It is a completely new experience that will delight any food lover, while still remaining a go to location to relax, have a cup of coffee, and feel at home. 

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