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CSC asks MoE to end services of 1,507 non-Kuwaiti employees
November 19, 2017, 9:29 am

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has asked the Ministry of Education to end the services of 1,507 non-Kuwaiti employees during the current academic year 2017/2018, reports Al-Qabas daily. The aforementioned number includes 660 teachers, 214 social workers and 584 executives. The request comes as part of the plan at Kuwaitization of jobs. Meanwhile, the educational sources stressed the request of the CSC comes at the same time when the Ministry of Education suffers from a big deficit of employees in terms of increasing the number of schools and lack of the outcomes from the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training especially in scientific specializations.

The sources pointed out increasing resignations of expatriate teachers due to the reduction of salaries (after KD 90 housing allowance was deducted) in addition to the resignation of some Kuwaiti teachers due to the difficult nature of the teaching profession in addition to the administrative load put on the teachers has worsened the problem at the ministry.

It is worth mentioning the Ministry of Education had addressed the CSC earlier and pointed to the difficulty in fulfilling the CSC requests at present and asked for postponing the enforcement of the plan. However, the CSC insists stands by its request and has refused to employ non-Kuwaitis to cover the shortage especially in Sabah Al-Ahmed Residential City.

Source: Arab Times

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