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CSC adopts new mechanism for recruitment of expat teachers
June 18, 2018, 3:33 pm

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has adopted a new mechanism for the recruitment of expatriate teachers as part of procedures to develop the educational system. Sources said that the CSC has asked the Ministry of Education to set the conditions for hiring expatriate teachers, such as the minimum academic mark of the applicants should be ‘very good’. The CSC also stressed the need for the concerned authorities in Kuwait to accredit the academic qualifications of applicants, adding that the experience should match the academic qualification obtained abroad and it should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.

The CSC clarified the above mentioned are the requirements for expatriate teachers who will be hired for the first time, while Bedouns are exempted from these conditions. Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Administration Affairs at Ministry of Education Fahad Al-Ghais announced that the Foreign Recruitment Committee will leave for Palestine next month to hire Palestinian teachers for the coming academic year.

He said the ministry is coordinating with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) over procedures for obtaining the approval of the committee to travel to Palestine and hire around 50 Mathematics teachers based on the request of Public Education Sector. AlGhais was addressing journalists on the sidelines of a ceremony organized by the Palestinian Embassy in honor of outstanding high school students from the Palestinian community. He explained that the ministry, following the successful experience related to the return of Palestinian teachers to Kuwait last academic year, has been keen on ensuring the continuity of their presence after they proved to be successful model in education during the field follow- ups conducted.

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