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CRYwalk 2018 organized in Salmiya and Mahboula
March 1, 2018, 11:06 am

FOCC (Friends of CRY Club, Kuwait) successfully completed its 7th annual CRYwalk event last week. The CRYwalk was always held on Salmiya and Mahboula on different days. But this year, the ‘CRYwalk 2018’ was organized at both locations on the same day. The main reasons being issues with permissions, and proximity to children’s annual exams. FOCC was pleasantly surprised to see the participation at the same level as the last year.

As in the last 3 years, the most thrilling entry was a small girl of 20 months of age, walking with her friend of 2 years, with the rest of the family enjoying and clicking pictures. The total collective distance walked by all was 399 km, at an average of 4.86 km per child. FOCC would like to thank all for their participation and hope that CRYwalk will steadily grow in the years to come. FOCC thanks all the star participants, who earned a t-shirt and a medal each for participation whereas FOCC earned their happiness and sponsorships. As we say, With CRY, Everyone Wins.

FOCC organizes three annual events for children – CRYcket for children under 14 years, CRYchess and CRYwalk for children of up to high-school age. The next event, the CRYchess is coming up in April 2018. Visit the website for more information.


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