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CRYwalk 2014 proud of successful third year
December 21, 2014, 11:25 am

Organized by FOCC (Friends of CRY Club, Kuwait), the CRYwalk completed its third year of fruitful growth on the morning of  12 December. The event was organized in Mahboula – convenient for children staying in this part of Kuwait. FOCC organizers were thrilled at the response and the growing number of children who participated and learnt to make a difference. The walk supports unfortunate children in India, who do not even have an opportunity to lead a normal childhood or have access to education or other facilities which are often taken for granted. 

The walk was held on a beautiful sunny day with cool breeze, it was the perfect day. Starting with a mere 3 children participating in the first CRYwalk two years ago, this year’s participation was an amazing total of 59 children. The total distance walked by all was 382 km, at an average of 6.47 km per child.

It was the energy and enthusiasm of the younger children that surprised and thrilled all. A small girl of 5 years of age walked an amazing 6 km while the maximum that a child walked was 21 km – half the marathon distance – and he was only 12 years old.  Elder children who were busy with their studies also took time off to be part of the cause, by walking the regulatory minimum of 1 km. The organization is appreciative of all the participants efforts and hope for a greater surprise in the next CRYwalk.

FOCC invites all those interested in volunteering to visit our website

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