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CMA to launch inspection campaigns to investment companies
April 1, 2015, 9:24 am

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) will carry out soon inspection campaigns to companies, under its supervision, a CMA's official has revealed.

Addressing a workshop on "field inspection on investment companies" here on Tuesday in the attendance of representatives of these companies, Mohammad Al-Daqlan, said the previous inspection campaigns registered some observations about the performance of 29 companies.

These companies were ordered to take these observations into consideration, he added.

Such inspection campaigns aim to check whether the companies abide by regulations, law and resolutions, and to communicate directly with people who have licenses, he made clear.
The campaigns also seek to raise companies' awareness about risks and the ways to avoid them, he noted.

Al-Dalqan made presentation about the CMA-supervised investment companies, 81 in number, including 29 listed in the stock market and 52 unlisted, in addition to 75 funds.

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